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CCTDIRECT INC.   Strategies is a marketing and creative services firm located in Montreal,Canada. Our team brings with them more than 25 years experience in brand strategy . We believe in making your brand stand out. We push brands like we push ourselves. Each talented team member contributes a unique skill set forging a collaborative environment where innovative ideas flourish. Through innovative thinking, bold decisions, and data-informed strategy, we create business solutions that drive commerce. Your success is our priority.

​We’re marketing experts, yes. However, you are the expert in your field.

Therefore, at CCTDIRECT INC., we provide you with systems and tools that help your expertise reach your customers. We work in collaboration with our clients ensuring that the messaging is always consistent with their brand. We don’t believe in producing artificial marketing material. Your clients can tell when something is organic and when they’re being pandered to. If you’ve always thought that your marketing firm didn’t really “get” what you did, then welcome to a new kind of firm. Not only will we learn your field, but we will lean on your expertise to produce the best quality in the industry. After working with us, our clients become thought leaders and experts across their market.

​A great idea is only as good as its realization and implementation. At CCTDIRECT we combine great ideas with lots of hard work and an experienced project management process. The result is high-end marketing that produces the best ROI. As a full service agency we take your project from concept to finished product, assuring that no detail is overlooked.


​Inspire our employees to reach their fullest potential in what they do, to engage in sustainable digital marketing practices and anticipate the needs of our customers. We will become the extension of our client’s businesses to maximize return and achieve their business goals, and in turn, achieve our own.